Storage Solutions

“At Cape Design we can not push the wall but we create space”.

Cape Design’s wide range of products and experience in this field will assist you in:

  • maximising your space
  • achieving the best storage solution to match your requirement
  • exceeds your expectations

Shelving, Racking, Mezzanine?  What to choose?
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Use shelving if, you have a large range of products in small quantity or you only use or order pick a small quantity of the same product at a time.

Click here to see all Shelving products for your business, Including Shelving, Longspan, Mobile archive, Chill-room/Freezer Shelving.


Use pallet racking if, you receive products on pallets and use or pick a full (or most of) a pallet at a time, products are too heavy to handle by hand.

Click here for all Racking products, including Longspan, Selective Pallet racking, Mix, Drive-in/Drive-Thru, Multi-level.

Mezzanine Flooring

Use mezzanine floor, if you have light or bulky items and want to maximise your space.

A mezzanine can be used for storage space and can also be used for packing, order preparation, workshop, office…

Click here for all mezzanine products, including Multi-tier Shelving/Racking or Free Standing.

Canteliver Racking

Use canteliver racking for long items i.e. timber, pipe, cable trays, fascias…

Click here for all Cantilever Racking

Boxes / Other bulk containers

Use boxes for storing bulk or loose items like bolts, nuts, screws, bottles, small parts…

Click here to see our range of Boxes and containers Wonder Boxes, Lin Bins, Wire Cage, Roll Containers

Of course you can use a mixture of the above to suit the best storage solution to your products and requirements.

When choosing a storage solution you have to ask yourself few questions:

  • What size (dimensions and weight) are the products/pallets I am stocking now? in two years? in five years?
  • How many products do I store? What quantity per item? What will it be in the future?
  • What is the best way to handle the products i.e. palletise or de-palletise the products?
  • How fast is my stock rotating?
  • How and what quantity of items I pick at a time?

A proper storage solution should meet with the following criteria:

  • Save space (maximise space available)
  • Save time (easy retrieval of stock)
  • Save money (no wastage/breakages, no over or under stock)

“A storage system should not be an expense but an investment.”

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