Wonderbin / MULTIBOX

The Wonderbin / MULTIBOX – an all purpose tilt bin.

Transparent modular storage system is a product based on the experience in the development of storage methods.
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Wonderbin / Multibox Shelving Storage or Wonderbins

Manufactured with high impact polystyrene resins, these units combine:

  • excellent physical properties
  • long lasting clarity
  • attractive appearance

The system has been designed to provide efficient and orderly storage for an unlimited range of applications both commercial and domestic:

  • Ideal for storage in Vans
  • Display and self-service in shops (Hardware, Motor factors, Electrical wholesaler…
  • Storage of small electrical/electronic components in vans or workshop
  • Storage of seals for mechanical/hydraulic workshop
  • Storage of screws, bolts and nuts for carpenters, electricians, plumber…


  • Stock Management
    Full stock visibility
  • Ease of use
    Items easily identified
  • No contamination
    Box is self closing
  • No mix-up
    One compartment open at  a time
  • No loss or wastage
    Stock can not fall of the box
    Box well secured in the frame
  • Easily integrated in Shelving system
    Each box being 600mm wide, they can be hang on the gable end of our ST30 shelving system or in the middle of a 1200mm shelf.