Mezzanine Floor are great to double the space available to you. Offering you the possibility to maximise the space available to you for storage (see Multi-level Shelving or Racking) or for combining Workspace, Office Space with Storage…
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A mezzanine floor simply gives you room for your business to grow.

METALCOOP staircases are designed to suit floor heights and required widths, whilst complying with the latest regulations.
Tread boards are made of anti-skid solid steel.
Safety swing gates are available for forklift loading of the upper level.
Gates positions are carefully planned to ensure safety and easy access.
Whilst a mezzanine floors is manufactured and constructed to your specific requirements, the structure is of a bolted steel construction, enabling easy extension or relocation with significant cost savings.
METALCOOP mezzanine floors are engineered to the highest structural standards, use high grade steel and timber are fire retarded to comply with the latest regulations.
All perimeter areas of a mezzanine floor are fitted with safety rails and toe-board.
We can design and install Mezzanine floor to suit your requirement.  The Mezzanine can be built using METALCOOP ST30 shelving or METALCOOP ST60 racking on 2 levels or just on one level offering you a flat open space that can be used for bulk storage, workshop, offices, show-room…
Alternatively your Mezzanine can be free standing and built around steel column and steel beams.