Multi-Level/Raised Storage Areas
If the main purpose of your Mezzanine is storage this type of Mezzanine is the perfect solution for you.
METALCOOP ST30 or ST60 Multi-level installation can double your store capacity.
Shelves are available in a range of short, medium and long spans, also narrow and extra wide depths. Shelf decking materials includes timber, steel and mesh.
The installation is tailor made for optimum space utilization, ergonomics and productivity, yet can be easily dismantled and re-designed to fit a new location.
The second level can be kitted with shelf/rack or left as a flat floor suitable for storage of bulk items, light pallets… or can be use as a work area, office, showroom…
Raised Storage Areas will double your space and  can be one of your assets and not part of your rent. They are depreciable, yet never wear out and last a lifetime and, can be moved if ever needed.
Raised Storage Areas increase productivity by reducing travel distance and time by  up to 50% with multi-tiered systems.
Cape Design strives to supply carefully engineered products and systems that are in compliance with applicable standards, practical, reliable and safe, offering benefits to our valued customers.
  • Flexibility
    • Shelving/Racking can be on one + Floor for Bulk storage, Office Space… or on two levels.
    • Additional storage can be easily added by extending the mezzanine in the length or width.
    • Choice of shelving/racking and floor finishes
    • Easily disassembled and redesigned to fit new location.
  • Cost efficient
    • Will increase storage areas/floor space up to 100%, within the same rented floor area.
    • Cheaper compared to cost of free standing mezzanine + shelving


  • Once the shelving/racking is installed, it is less flexible than a free standing mezzanine + separate shelving.