Racking system are generally used in larger warehouse to store pallets, large, heavy or long items and require specialised equipment (Forklift, Rich-Truck, VNA Truck…) .
Whether you require to store electronic equipment, or pallets of inexpensive materials, length of pipe or timber, there is a racking system to meet your needs.

Racking are helpful when managing inventory in a smooth, efficient, and cost effective manner.

They can be used in a variety of businesses.

A business will see great improvement in warehouse operations as well as a drastic reduction in down time by using the appropriate racking in a well designed layout warehouse.

Please choose a racking system below

Selective Pallet racking

Also known as Pallet Racking, this is the most commonly used type of racking.

METALCOOP 60, 90 and 110 range of pallet racking will guarantee you to have the perfect racking to match your exact requirement.

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METALCOOP ST60 longspan racking is ideal for installation requiring wider span or more load capacity.

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The best of both World.

Combining the ease of picking small items on the ground floor with a ST30 shelving system or a ST60 Longspan shelving, while maximising the space above to store pallets.

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Drive in Drive Thru


This system is ideal for storing a large quantity of the same pallets in  a Warehouse or Chill/Freezer room.

This system is used in factories, growers and wholesalers.

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Multi-tier storage solutions are designed to maximise space. They are ideal to store small to medium boxes.

Savings are made by the shelving or racking structure supporting the upper level floors.

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Cantilever racking are designed to store long items like timber, pipe, cable trays…

They can be painted or galvanised with or without roof for outside use.

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