Many companies have trouble making the most of their available space. Cape Design has a long and strong, yet easy to install solution to shelving storage headaches. Strong and easily adjustable, this system is very effective for mid to large sized products offering simple stock picking solutions.

Longspan Longspan

Long Span Shelving is recommended for :

  • High density storage of boxes.
  • Light and medium duty loads.
  • Lighter duty racking system (Metalcoop ST60) suitable for small to medium sized goods
  • Special stepped beam profile allows true protection of flush fitting shelf inserts
  • Availability of Zinc in-fill Panel (Stronger and more durable than wood)
  • Wood panel could be used as a budget system where load capacity and ambient humidity are not an issue
  • Versatile system offering many accessories and storage display options

METALCOOP ST60 longspan racking, contrary to our competitors, use a closed up-right section,
making it much stronger and safer (no sharp edges).

METALCOOP ST60 longspan system protect your investment, as it can be easily transformed
into a pallet racking, mezzanine or a multi-tier installation.