Selective Pallet racking

METALCOOP racking, contrary to our competitors, use a closed up-right section,
making it much stronger and safer for you and your products (no sharp edges).

METALCOOP offer 3 grades of pallet racking ST60, ST90 and ST110 to best match the racking to your requirement.

Medium Duty Pallet Racking Brochure

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Racking Racking Racking Racking Racking Racking Racking or Dump Bin

Selective Pallet Racking (SPR) provides efficient use of storage space for palletised loads and is the most common pallet racking system in use today.  SPR systems are compatible with all types and sizes of pallets and may be used with any type of handling system.   Cape Design carries a large range of Pallet Racking components and can design a system to tailor your specific space and budgetary requirements.

Cape Design recommends SPR for clients looking to implement an inexpensive storage system with a high throughput rate and FIFO inventory management for many Stock Keeping Unitss and low pallet quantities.

SPR storage systems are commonly used and are most suitable for:

  • Low volumes
  • Low land cost
  • Direct access to every pallet in storage
  • Multiple access (more than one truck in same aisle)


  • No special trucks required
  • Low cost racks and trucks
  • High through-put rates
  • FIFO inventory management
  • Floor level is not critical (front loaded)


  • Large land area required
  • High storage cost when volumes are medium and above
  • Medium to wide aisles required for handling

FOR REACH TRUCKS (wide aisles for medium Volumes)

  • Aisle widths – 2.8 to 3.2m
  • Storage Area – 45%
  • Operating aisle area – 55%
  • Lift height – up to 10.5m
  • Through-put rate – 16 – 20 pallets par hour (pph)

FOR COUNTERBALANCED TRUCKS (wide aisles for low Volumes)

  • Aisle widths – 3.8 to 5.5m
  • Storage Area – 35%
  • Operating aisle area – 65%
  • Through-put rate – 20 – 24 pph
  • Lift height – up to 8m

Whilst Rack and Truck costs are lowest, storage unit cost is highest when building, racks and trucks are taken into consideration.