METALCOOP ST30 boltless metal shelving and ST60 medium duty racking systems are unique by their strength, versatility, expandability, load capacity, and ease of assembly.

These systems are ideal to build:
  • Stock room for Retailer or Wholesaler
  • Semi-finish or finish products storage facility for Manufacturer
  • Workshop/Garage/Vans tidy-up system
  • Spare Parts stock
  • Archives/Library Shelving
  • Office Shelving or Cabinets…
The application list for these products are actually endless.
These systems will not only grow with your business, in length or to the side but they will grow upwards and be able to support a Mezzanine if required in the future .
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METALCOOP ST30 is a heavy duty bolt-less shelving system. It  is perfect to store large quantity of small to medium size items.

The versatility of this system allows you to maximise your space, being in a big warehouse, a small stock room, on top of a mezzanine, underneath a stair, in a container…

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METALCOOP ST60 longspan racking is ideal for installation requiring wider span or more load capacity.

This system being based on the ST60 racking the lower part can be used as longspan shelving for order picking while the top part (above 2m.) can be used to store pallet.

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Office Shelving

Office Shelving

METALCCOP ST30 shelves are highly modular and customisable and are ideal for office space.

The high finish, the wide range of accessory and the ease of use of this system make it an ideal candidate for office use.

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Mobile Shelving

METALCOOP ST30 is so modular that it can be also used as high density storage / mobile archive system, protecting your investment.

A Mobile Shelving is commonly used for Files and Archives but can be used to store any kind of parts, boxes,  products…

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Chill-room/Freezer Shelving

METALCOOP ST30, with its high load capacity and epoxy paint, can be used as a cheaper alternative to a specialised freezer shelving system.

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Shelving Accessories


METALCOOP ST30 and ST60 shelves can be completed by a wide range of accessories including Side and Back panels, Dividers, Compartments, Drawers, Doors, Hanging or Sliding Ladders…

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