Chill-room/Freezer Shelving

Metalcoop ST30 Epoxy painted steel shelving can be used under certain conditions, while the IN-FIX range of shelving is the recommended system particularly in environments where hygiene is fundamental or where temperatures may fall to -30°C.
For special uses such as food stocking, hospital wards or pharmaceutical industry, where there is a need to maintain hygiene, through its ease of cleaning and the possibility of disinfecting the whole structure.

The IN-FIX shelving responds to all these needs, ensuring a maximum level of hygiene thanks to the characteristics of the materials employed. The IN-FIX range of shelving, (both InoxLine or EcoLine) are manufactured in accordance with HACCP guidelines

Some of the environments where IN-FIX shelving can be employed:
■ Food
■ Chemical and hospital laboratories
■ Agricultural food industry
■ Pharmaceutical industry
■ Dairy industry
■ Cellars◦Large Kitchens
■ Cold rooms
■ Sterile environments
■ Meat processing areas
■ Shop fittings

The In-Fix shelving system is modular and characterised by its rapid and ease of assembly.
The 90° and 360° component parts allow to make the most of the available space.

◦- Sturdy and quality product in all details
◦- Stability of the structure is provided automatically according to the load (thus stabilizing braces are not required)
◦- Elegant design softened by rounding-offs
◦- Absolute hygiene thanks to the characteristics of the materials
◦- Wide range of smooth and perforated shelves
◦- Legs with adjustable feet or swivelling wheels if required

The INOX line PLUS line is ideal for heavy loads, while the Eco Line is designed for the budget conscious installations, whilst still offering all advantages listed above.

Width: from 600 to 2000mm (available in every 100mm)
Depth: 300, 400, 500, 600mm
Height: 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000mm and up to 3000mm in Stainless Steel
Shelves adjustable by 100mm steps
Load capacity: up to 350 Kgs per shelf and up to 1,200 Kgs per Bay.